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  • How to determine the right size diaper for your child

    Okay mommas. We all know that sometimes finding diapers that correctly fit our babies is a challenge. Yes, the box gives you a size range, but let...
  • The Potty (Training) Fairy

    That night when I went to sleep, I had a beautiful dream about potty fairies delivering underwear to children.  The dream made such an impact on me, I wrote the story the next day and delivered to Muriel with a pair of cute underwear.  She potty trained that weekend. 
  • Hiring A Potty Training Consultant

    If you’re like me, the thought of starting potty training can be so overwhelming that you may end up putting it off in hopes that your little one will magically figure it out themselves!  Well, that most likely won’t happen so where do y
  • Who's in charge of your sleep?

    So what do the "experts" say about the safe sleep options for a young baby and their parents and how does it change as your child turns into a toddler?
  • Why do diaper leaks happen?

    Diaper leaks are annoying. It's not just uncomfortable for your baby to be rolling around in a wet bed but it also requires you to strip the sheets, re-make the bed and wash the dirty ones...
  • Top 5 must-haves from the ABC Kids Expo

    We found some incredible new products and met some pretty fantastic inventors, several whom were parents that simply found a creative way to solve a problem. Here are our top 5 must-haves....