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How to determine the right size diaper for your child

Okay mommas. We all know that sometimes finding diapers that correctly fit our babies is a challenge. Yes, the box gives you a size range, but let's face it, every child and their anatomy are different. You could have two children that weigh the same, yet the diapers fit them both COMPLETELY differently. Diapers truly are not created equal with their sizing guide! That is why we want to offer you some tips on how to get the best fit for your baby with their diapers, whether you use cloth or disposables! 
The majority of diaper leaks, whether with cloth diapers or disposable diapers, seem to be due to either sizing or absorbency. First, look at the sizing guide. Your probably thinking, didn’t she just say all sizing guides aren’t created equal?! Yes I did. Hear me out! Remember, it's a GUIDE. Your not going to have a 20 pound baby and put them in a newborn diaper, ya know what I’m saying?! So initially yes, look at the guide. When you get your desired size of diaper and put it on your child, check and see how the fit is around their belly. A lot of diaper leaks happen because the diaper does not go high enough on the belly and high enough in the back, (see why PeePeePants are so great ?! - such problem solvers!) If your child is in the weight range of the guide, but the diaper is too low on their belly, we suggest to go up to the next size diaper. You will get more length in the front and back with a bigger size. 
If you have already tried this and you STILL are having diaper leaks (maddening, I know), you may need to consider the brand you are using. Hey, we know diapers are hella expensive, so it's tempting to go for the store brand. While that may work for some babies, for others the lack of absorbency just won’t cut it. If you have already tried to upsize the diaper and you're still having leaks, bust out that wallet momma! You’re going to have to splurge for a diaper that is more absorbent. Yes I know, this is totally tear worthy! It feels like your flushing those hard earned dollar bills down the toilet! 
If your a cloth diaper type of momma you are a trooper! I’ve never seemed to be able to handle the idea of number 2’s and cloth diapers! I am giving you cloth diaper mommas a virtual high five! However, you know all to well that even cloth diapers leak! The absorbency in them sometimes isn’t the best. Why does containing our children’s little messes have to be so difficult?! And I probably shouldn’t call them little messes right? I mean that is why you are here in the first place! These messes are blowing out all over the sheets! I think we all can agree that we have picked our babies up and gotten a handful of a whole lot of stink! So when in doubt size up in the diapers to make sure your have enough diaper to cover the combat zone! If that doesn’t work try a more absorbent brand name. And if after these tricks you are still struggling, PeePeePants has your babies covered and their sheets dry, giving you back at least some of your sanity!