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Top 5 must-haves from the ABC Kids Expo

We took Peepeepants on the road and headed to Las Vegas baby!  This is where the ABC Kids Expo (All Baby & Child) is hosted every year. The expo is a partnership of juvenile industry manufacturers and retailers organized for the purpose of promoting the children's products industry. With more than 900 exhibitors in over one million square feet of exhibit space, it is currently the fastest growing trade show in the nation and ranks 38 out of the 100 largest trade shows in North America. 

It took us 3 days to visit all of the different floors and sections of this incredible show and since it is not open to the public, we knew we were getting a special sneak peek into this massive industry!  We found some incredible new products and met some pretty fantastic inventors, several whom were parents that simply found a creative way to solve a problem. It was definitely baby/parent product heaven and narrowing down our top 5 innovations was hard, but we are excited to share them with you!

#1. Wash It Later

This is just a genius product & super affordable. The name says it all, they are waterproof bags with a pre-treat soap pod that allow you to put the messy stuff into pre-treat/soak so that you can "wash it later."  A vast improvement on the zip-lock or plastic grocery bag that we all use for those moments when anything from pee, poo, barf, food or dirt get onto our little one’s clothes or favorite blanket these are the BEST. 

For kids that are potty training, or still having accidents at night, these are totally amazing.  If you’re like me you wait until you have a solid pile of laundry to crank through on a Saturday (fun!) so leaving the peed on, barfed on things in the hamper is just not an option unless you want that smell wafting through your house.  If only there were a place you could put them that would not only pre-treat the garments with soap to avoid staining but would enclose the stink too?!? There is, there is, there is!! I’m so happy I found these.  Their booth at the expo was a popular one and there is no question why.  Check them out and buy a pack, at $12.99 for a 3 pack they are an absolute STEAL.  Available on their website and

wash it later bags

#2. Potty Duck

If you are in the midst of potty training your child, this is SUCH a fun toy. I had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder who also just happens to be a Pediatrician (I mean what more validation do you need that this is legit?).  This toy is so cute AND is a fun bath toy to boot!

I immediately went to Amazon and purchased this potty duck because I am willing to try anything as my 2.5-year-old (and I) are figuring out this potty training thing.

Simply stick the little potty to the side of the tub, fill the duck with water and let it go “pee” in the potty.  It mimics the sound of going pee in the potty and there’s even a little flusher to let the water out of the bottom of the toilet….I mean what kid doesn’t LOVE to flush the potty, it’s the best part! I highly recommend checking it out.  At $19.95 it’s a no-brainer and available on (free two-day shipping WOOHOO!)

potty training duck

#3.  Squid socks

How cute is that website URL?  .ink, get it?  I had the good fortune of meeting the founders of Squid socks and amazingly enough, they had JUST been featured in Parents magazine that same day!  They also let me purchase a pair for my daughter and I’m in love with these socks!  We all know baby socks do not stay on, they either pull them off themselves or they simply fall off when you’re not looking.  The lost sock phenomenon is real.  These little socks are not only the CUTEST little things but they really do stay on.  Check out some of their videos on the website. They are a great deal and SUPER high quality, plus no more lost socks!  If you’re in need of a new set, these are it!

grippy socks


I’m OBSESSED! If you are in the market for a rocking chair, look no further.  This may not look like one, but in my opinion, it’s BETTER.  From someone that started a family in NYC and had no space for a traditional rocking chair, I YEARNED for one. Every time I step foot in a home that has a rocker, I go straight for it. I make my daughter sit with me while I close my eyes and dream that it’s in my house!

 Rocking makes all the difference and you know it if you don’t have one and have to manually rock your baby, especially at night. You know how exhausting that can be. Rocker Momma has found a way to make a beautifully padded device that is lightweight, super durable and HIGHLY functional. What I love most of all it can go ANYWHERE in your house. It’s super stylish, and pretty affordable when you consider the average rocking chair price from a big box store is around $800. I’m definitely going to scoop one up when they start selling them next month!

rocking chair


#5 Toddler Target

I LOVED this as soon as I saw it.  I don’t have a boy but I have two nephews that are potty training and I think this is such a fun and helpful tool.  I ordered one on Amazon because Christmas is around the corner and what better gift for a kid than a light they can pee on? But really, if you have boys you know that they can have a little too much fun peeing in the toilet and perhaps make other things targets, like the seat, floor and who knows what else.  This easy to install light projects a target into the toilet bowl and gives your toddler something to aim for. 

toddler potty training target

We look forward to attending this show next year! Stay tuned.