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Why do diaper leaks happen?

Diaper leaks are annoying. It's not just uncomfortable for your baby to be rolling around in a wet bed but it also requires you to strip the sheets, re-make the bed and wash the dirty one's. When you're already sleep deprived and have a million other things that you could be doing this is truly frustrating.

Diaper leaks happen for a variety of reasons but here are the top 4 most common:

#1 Incorrect fit

Diapers come in a variety of sizes but figuring out the right size especially when your baby is growing so quickly, can be really difficult. When a diaper is too small, it will leak much faster, the same goes for a diaper that is too big, so you really have to nail the fit.  

#2 Incorrect placement

Have you ever changed a baby in the dark only to realize in the morning you only covered the majority of one butt cheek? It happens. Who am I kidding, it happens in the daytime too. They're just so wiggly.  Diaper placement needs to be pretty centered and wrapped evenly to get the most out of that diaper. Any slight misplacement leaves you open to leaks.

#3 Overcapacity

Wearing a diaper for longer time frames especially when your baby is drinking liquids can exhaust the diaper. This is pretty well controllable during the day but if your baby is sleeping through the night even if inconsistently, the last thing you need waking your baby up is a wet bed! Night time diapers were created by all of the big brands for this exact reason. Night time diapers are great because they are designed to absorb more liquid than the thinner daytime diapers. The downside, you've gotta buy more diapers and they can be quite expensive.  All things considered, even night time diapers are susceptible to leaks for the same points made in #1 & #2.

#4. Movement

Babies move a lot. Even the perfectly placed well fitting diaper is likely to shift around a bit on a baby that is on the go or tossing and turning at night. Slight shifts in the placement of the diaper automatically increase the chances of leaks. Pressure from rolling and sitting and twisting and turning can push excess liquid out of the top edges and leg openings of the diaper.

So what is the solution?

There are a lot of products out there that help to protect your mattress. Special waterproof mattress protectors, specialty sheets, peel and stick pads that go under your baby and over your sheets but let's be real, those don't really work. They might protect your mattress but you're still stuck with a wet, uncomfortable baby not to mention a lot of extra laundry.  If diaper leaks are a frequent problem for you, you know how frustrating this is. Peepeepants address the issue at the source, why not have a garment that will follow your little one through their twisting and turning nighttime adventures while keeping them comfortable and the bed dry. Instead of pulling a wet baby out of bed in the morning, give them a big DRY hug and start your day! #problemsolved.